Welcome to ThePixellingCow!
ThePixellingCow is currently the most comprehensive database of Commodore 64 scene-related pixel-art.

At the moment, it hosts 6360 images, 1514 artists and 498 events.

It is basically a periodically refreshed mirror of CSDb's graphics related content, but with an accessible and clean UI more suitable for graphics-related content. So, for those who are interested in specific graphics-releases: now you could find them faster and easier.

It's still far from finished. Consider it's present state as a beta testing terrain.

TPC needs help!

At the moment, only one person is two persons are doing all the work, so any kind of support would be highly appreciated! Especially in the following areas:

- general functionality testing
- flagging/removing duplicates (there's a lot of them, as parsing CSDb wasn't always going smoothly)
- correcting data (same as above)
- adding missing artists, releases and events
- tagging (the collected data could and will be cross-shared with CSDb later, if it ever introduces the tag functionality)
- ripping graphics from various releases
- suggestions, ideas always more than welcome!

Check out the TODO list and the corresponding CSDb thread